Everio Video Hunters! Shooting Snowscapes with the New Everio!

Hello, it’s Sakura.
Lately, cold snaps, heavy rain and other types of abnormal weather have been reported all over the world, and Japan is no exception. This winter, the Japanese archipelago has been visited by unusually heavy, record-setting snows.
My parents live in Fukui Prefecture. About two hours by plane from Tokyo, Fukui faces the Sea of Japan and is famous for an abundance of seafood, including the "Echizen Crab." When I went home for the holidays, lots of snow had fallen and turned the world completely silver! Since this is something you normally can’t see in Tokyo, I shot some snowscapes with the GZ-HM445 from the new Everio series!

GZ-HM445 Full HD Memory Camcorder

Shooting in Heavy, Pelting Snow!

That day, there was a snowstorm. It isn’t unusual to see deep snow in Fukui, but I’ve grown used to living a completely snow-free life in Tokyo, and the cold really got to me.
I gritted my teeth, and, GZ-HM445 in hand, took myself outdoors!

The new Everios are lighter and more compact than the old models, so shooting one-handed (with an umbrella in the other) was a piece of cake.

Down in the garden, in the midst of all that harsh snow, I discovered a camellia braving the cold.
It was covered in heavy snow, but it seemed to be holding on with all its might.
I have no words to describe the dedication I saw in that flower, except for "beautiful".

While I was out, since it seemed a shame not to, I made some snow-bunnies.
Form the pure white snow into balls, stick on leaves and berries for ears, eyes and noses, and they’re done!

I combined all my snowscapes into one movie; take a look.
You can hear the cold wind in the recording. The sound really makes you feel like you’re there, and it brings the cold to life.
I got chilled to the bone that day, but when I went home and ate with my family, the warm food seemed even more delicious than usual.

JVC Everio GZ-HM445 Snowscape in Japan

Shooting a Sparkling Silver World Bathed in Light!

On my third day in Fukui, the sun finally showed its face. The weather on that day was fine. A silver world of stunning beauty unfolded under a clear sky!
The air feels freshest after snow has fallen. Perfect weather for shooting videos!
Taking the same route as last time, I tried to capture it on my Everio!

The surface of the snow was beautiful, glittering with reflected sunlight.
With light in the picture, as if by magic, movies acquire more sparkle.
The steam rising from the river really conveys the crackling cold of the air.
Even though I’d shot the same snowscapes before, they showed completely different faces to me.
I compiled these into a movie as well. Please take a look!

JVC Everio GZ-HM445 Shooting a Sparkling Silver World Bathed in Light

The new Everios are equipped with an "Intelligent AUTO" function which automatically detects the most appropriate mode to shoot any scene. Thanks to this mode, whether in the midst of a blizzard or on a sunny day with strong glare from the snow, I was able to shoot landscapes just as I experienced them.

The snowbound camellia which was braving the cold with all its might survived, too.
Even in such a small flower, the power of life is amazing, isn’t it? Nature is the best subject for photography. This round of video hunting really brought that home to me. Well then, we’ll see you next week!

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