Everio with Wi-Fi! Capturing Dance Moves using a Smartphone Linking Function – Part 2

We first introduced the Everio with Wi-Fi in our last episode of Everio Video Hunters! We demonstrated monitoring and remote control via a Wi-Fi direct connection, all while capturing some great dance moves. But keep in mind these are not the only functions available using smartphone linking!

Using an Everio with Wi-Fi linked to a smartphone, you can also record the GPS location data to video and stills, as well as transfer the video you captured with the Everio to your smartphone—right then and there! Since it automatically formats video to sizes that are optimal for Web sharing, you can send video by email or easily upload to social networking sites like YouTube. Of course, the Full HD video you captured is still stored in the Everio as high definition data, so once you get home you can either edit the video or simply watch it in high definition. With the Everio with Wi-Fi and a smartphone, you can take advantage of both features!

GPS Recording with Smartphone Link

Now, lets start by taking GPS recording for a spin. By directly linking a smartphone to the Everio, you can use the smartphone’s GPS function to embed location data on the video you’ve captured. This is a function that you can definitely make use of on a trip! Whether it’s video or stills, you’ll be able to know where it was captured at a glance. If you use Everio MediaBrowser 4—the software packaged with the Everio—to read the data, it will synchronize with Google Earth and appear on the map.

[1] Keep the smartphone GPS function switched ON.

[2] As we did in part 1, set up using the DIRECT MONITORING setting.

[3] From the SET screen on the smartphone app, select LOC INFO TRANS INT*.


GPS Recording Set-up Screen

[4] Return to the MONITOR screen and press the REC button to start capturing.
The GPS mark appears on both the smartphone and Everio screens.
(If you touch CAMERA OPERATION on the Everio screen, you can control it with the main unit controls.)

GPS Mark Display

Starting with setting up GPS, check out this video of Everio MediaBrowser 4 synchronized with Google Earth.

JVC Everio GZ-VX715: Everio with Wi-Fi
GPS Recording using a Smartphone and Google Earth Synchronization

Transferring Video to your Smartphone and Easy YouTube Uploading!

Do you want to share the video you captured right away, and right where you captured it? Using smartphone linking, you can easily transfer video and stills and upload them to YouTube from your smartphone.

Transferring video and stills is so simple. From the smartphone app screen directly linked to the Everio, select either the “Video Index Screen” or the “Still Image Index Screen”. You will then be able to see a thumbnail list of all the video recorded on the Everio. After setting the length of the video you want to send, touch to select the video file from the list and start transferring!

Video Index Screen

The transferred video is in MP4 format at a data size of 640×360 pixels, so it’s optimal for Web sharing. Once transferred to your smartphone, you can watch the video or upload to your YouTube account by pressing the “Share” button (compatible with Android only*). Please take a look at how it’s done.
* With iPhone, after transferring the data to your iPhone, go to the “CAMERA” or “PHOTO” menu and select the data to watch or share as you like.

Screen from which you can share on YouTube

JVC Everio GZ-VX715: Everio with Wi-Fi
Sharing a Video on YouTube using a Smartphone

● Sample of Video Transferred to a Smartphone

Dance Moves in a Video Captured with Multiple Cameras

We will now introduce some dance moves captured in a video using multiple cameras, using two smartphones each linked to an Everio with Wi-Fi. After combining the footage using Everio MediaBrowser 4, I added some background music! It turned out to be a pretty dynamic video worth watching.

JVC Everio GZ-VX715 and GZ-EX255:
Dance Moves in a Video Captured with Multiple Cameras

The new Everio with Wi-Fi is a camcorder that can capture high definition videos without compromise, and by linking it to a smartphone, it gives you superior real-time features and sharing functions as well. A wide range of shooting styles are right at your fingertips. Just by using the smartphone linking feature introduced here, you can see that there are so many things you can do with it! I hope you all have fun exploring the Wi-Fi functions.

For more information on Wi-Fi-equipped Everios: http://everio.jvc.com/

♦ Special thanks to: Dancer Kanami
♦ BoomBlaster/Kaboom: http://kaboom.jvc.com/

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