Everio with Wi-Fi – Monitoring the Cat! Part 1

Hello, it’s Ayako.
They’re JVC’s first Everio with Wi-Fi, and you can use them to monitor anything in real-time from your smartphone or PC. In the “dance” post last time, we talked about “DIRECT MONITORING”, in which your smartphone and Everio are connected to each other directly. This time, I’ll be connecting to a wireless LAN router via Wi-Fi and using “OUTSIDE MONITORING” to monitor and get captures of my cat while I’m gone.

The Everio and smartphone models I used are listed below.
I set the Everio on a tripod and fixed the view angle on the area the cat usually roams through.
You can make the camera zoom in and out by remotely operating it from your smartphone or PC, so the trick is to think about the “wide” side and “tele” side you want to capture when you’re deciding on a view angle, and where to place the camera.

Wi-Fi Equipped Everios

  • Camera A: GZ-VX715 Full HD Memory Camcorder
    (Almost identical to GZ-VX700/705/755/775 models*)
  • Camera B: GZ-EX255 Full HD Memory Camcorder
    (Almost identical to GZ-EX210/215/250/275 models*)
    * Depending on region and onboard memory capacity, the model number and color will be different.

Smartphone: iPhone


Getting Ready for Outside Monitoring

You can connect Outside Monitoring through the wireless LAN router for your home access point, or over the Internet. Using your smartphone or PC, you can monitor areas and remotely operate the Everio even from the other side of the globe! First, before you do anything else, register your access point (the wireless LAN router) and dynamic DNS (DDNS). (See the manual for detailed instructions on how to do this.)

Touch the Wi-Fi mark on the Everio’s shortcut menu and select “OUTSIDE MONITORING”. Touch “CAMERA NETWORK INFO.” note down the URL (WAN) that displays, then touch “QUIT”. The Everio then goes into standby mode, and your setup is complete!

Access point register screen

Live Monitoring a House-Sitting Cat

Now then, I’ll go out and monitor my cat on my smartphone while she’s home alone! First, I activate a dedicated application that I installed beforehand. Next, I input the URL (WAN) I wrote down earlier, and the monitoring screen displays. Let’s take a look!


JVC Everio GZ-VX715: Everio with Wi-Fi –
Live Monitoring a House-Sitting Cat from a Distance

The cat is curled up on the sofa, fast asleep. Makes it easy to relax and enjoy an outing, doesn’t it? You can capture videos and stills, pause and zoom from the smartphone even while monitoring, so I captured a video of that cute snoozing face. The video was recorded on the Everio unit in high resolution Full HD.

Automatically Forward Captures with Home Detection Monitoring!

In addition to Outside Monitoring, Home Detection Monitoring (DETECT/MAIL) also acts as a distance monitoring function. This function can detect people’s faces and the movements of a subject, capture stills, and automatically send them to the e-mail addresses (up to eight) registered beforehand. For example, if I set the Everio so it monitors my cat’s food dishes, it will let me know by e-mail when she comes to eat her food. The attached stills are 640×360 pixels, a size that’s easy to send over a network. It’s also possible to set up the program so that, when it detects something and shoots stills, it simultaneously records high-resolution video to the Everio.

In order to get started with Home Detection Monitoring, register the following items in advance:
• Access point registration
• Settings for the receiving e-mail accounts
• E-mail address registration

Now to start Home Detection Monitoring:

[1] Select the Wi-Fi mark from the shortcut menu on the Everio’s screen.

Home Detection Monitoring Setting 1

[2] Tap “DETECT/MAIL SETTING”, touch “RECIPIENT’S EMAIL” then select an address.

Home Detection Monitoring Setting 2

[3] If you set up the Everio in the area you want to capture, select the Wi-Fi mark from the shortcut menu on the Everio’s screen; once you’ve tapped “DETECT/MAIL”, you’re ready to start detecting.

Home Detection Monitoring Setting 3

When the camera picks up movement or a person’s face, the “PHOTO” icon is displayed on the screen; the camera automatically shoots a still then sends it to the selected e-mail address(es). Okay, let’s take a look at Home Detection Monitoring, and at the video sample that was simultaneously recorded on the Everio.


JVC Everio GZ-VX715: Everio with Wi-Fi – Cat Home Detection Monitoring

What did you think? Since the Outside Monitoring settings let you use Wi-Fi to connect via an access point, then monitor and operate the Everio remotely over the Internet, we anticipate a wide range of uses. Users can check on their homes while they’re away during the day; fathers overseas on business trips can enjoy their sons’ soccer games in real time. There are all sorts of different situations where this could come in handy. The Everios with Wi-Fi do more than just shoot images: they can keep you connected to distant loved ones and pets. Next time, I’d like to talk about the video e-mail function, which also uses Wi-Fi, and this year’s unique new function that will get adorable images of your pet. Stay tuned!

For more information on Wi-Fi-equipped Everios: http://everio.jvc.com/

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