Capturing the Sunset in the Goto Islands

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Hello, it’s Eri. I went to the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture on vacation. On one of the islands, Nakadori Island, there’s a place called Yagatame that’s famous for its beautiful sunsets. I brought along the Everio GZ-E10, hoping to capture the shifting colors as the evening sun went down. During the day, the East China Sea is a gorgeous deep blue, and Yagatame is also famous as a fishing spot. Towards evening, the ocean and sky gradually turned golden; the reflected evening sun glittered on the ocean, and the view was magnificent. Even after the sun had set, a faint brightness lingered in the sky, and the sound of waves echoed softly. I shot with Intelligent Auto the entire time, from before the sun went down until after it was dark, and it all came out beautifully. This video captures the emotional tone of the scene so well you’ll feel like you’re actually there!

Beautiful Goto Islands Sunset and Ocean

GZ-E10 Full HD Memory Camcorder

GZ-E10 Full HD Memory Camcorder

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