Capturing a Fixed Net in the Goto Islands

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This time in the Goto Islands, I got an up-close look at fixed net fishing!
We boarded the boat and put out to sea early in the morning, while it was still dark. As we left the port, the magical sight of the sunrise opened out before us, and my heart filled with expectations. The boat rocked violently and the sea wind was cold, but I got to see a rainbow floating in the ocean! The fishermen were well acquainted with the ways of the fish; when we reached the net they’d set three days ago, they promptly worked together to haul it in.
This time, unfortunately, there weren’t that many fish. Still, getting to be right there and watch the fishermen work was a really valuable experience for me. It’s a bit awe-inspiring to think about how the fish we usually eat are caught like this and make it all the way to our dinner plates.
Enjoy the video!

Goto Islands - Fixed Shore Net Fishing

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GZ-E10 Full HD Memory Camcorder

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