Autumn in Japan – Capturing the beautifully colored foliage with GZ-EX215!

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ASAMA Kogen mapHi there, it’s Ayako. Japan is now in autumn, a season when beautiful foliage can be seen in many places. This time, I’ve captured the brightly colored leaves at Asama Kogen in Gunma Prefecture, with my GZ-EX215!
Asama Kogen is one of the most popular places to see the fall colors; it’s a rich natural plateau spreading across the northern and southern foot of Mt. Asama on the border of Nagano and Gunma prefectures. The plateau is home to a number of waterfalls, and I visited one called Tamadare. It’s relatively small, but the water dripping between the mosses was a simple but poignantly impressive view.
I did the shooting mainly in Intelligent Auto, through which I could capture the mild autumn sun—different from summer—as well as the views of cascading waterfalls amid the foliage and the clarity of the water. Using with Tele macro, I also took a shot of maple leaves as they danced down the waterfall—even the leaf veins were clearly visible!
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan in autumn!

Beautiful Foliage of Japanese Autumn

GZ-EX215 Full HD Memory Camcorder
(Almost identical to GZ-E200 / GZ-E205 / GZ-E207 / GZ-E208 / GZ-E220 / GZ-E245 / GZ-EX210 / GZ-EX250 / GZ-EX255 in terms of optics*)

GZ-EX215 Full HD Memory Camcorder
* Depending on region and onboard memory capacity, the model number and color will be different. Models with “X” are equipped with Wi-Fi functions.

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