Mounting the ADIXXION action camera on Ice Hockey Players and a Goalpost to Capture Powerful Video!


Hello, Toshi here. For this post I used the ADIXXION GC-XA1, the Action Camera, and captured some ice hockey with a huge assist from the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education ice hockey club! During the shoot using the ADIXXION, I used three different types of mount. The camera’s tough body doesn’t need housing, so you can just fix it to a mount and go! Nice and easy. I used an Everio to capture the ADIXXION on one of the mounts, so you can see how it looked. Now go check out the impossible feeling of speed and power you could only find in an ice sport!

MT-FM001 Flexible Mount


Fixed to team captain Natsuki’s helmet with the flexible mount (provided accessory).
Feel like you’re really out on the ice with this player’s-eye view of the action!

MT-GM001 Goggle Mount


Fixed to a strap with the goggle mount (provided), then fastened to team member Kana’s shin protector.
This is a powerful, low-angle video where the skates, hockey sticks and background fly towards you.

MT-RB001 Roll Bar Mount


Fixed to the goal post with a roll bar mount (MT-RB001:option) compatible with pipe diameters between 21 and 40 mm.
The ADIXXION captured a video of the players closing in and the goalie’s moves from an angle spectators never get to see!

GC-XA1 Action Camera
GC-XA1 Action Camera
No-housing QUAD-PROOF (Waterproof / Dustproof / Shockproof / Freeze-proof) design. Full HD compatible with Wi-Fi capabilities and perfect for any sporting event!

The Japan Women’s College of Physical Education ice hockey club
Congratulations on winning the title at the college ice hockey championship!

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