Test-Capturing Snowscapes in a Blizzard with the 2013 Everio GZ-EX515!

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Hello! In this post, I’ll show you images I test-captured with the new Everio GZ-EX515, released just this year. While I was home for the holidays, I went out in a blizzard and captured snowscapes! The GZ-EX515 is one of the more advanced entry class models: it comes equipped with the new JVC HD Lens and can capture clearer images at higher resolutions. Conditions don’t get much worse than winter dusk during a blizzard, but when I captured, I used the evolved Intelligent AUTO carefully and automatically detects conditions and the type of situation you’re capturing, and can handle an incredible 284 different scenes. I let the camera take care of exposure compensation and white balance adjustments, and was able to capture easily even with cold, numb hands.
Thanks to the combination of the high-resolution 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS sensor and the new JVC HD Lens, even in this dim, monochrome landscape I managed to capture low-noise, high-resolution images that brilliantly recreate its delicate hues! If you watch the clip while listening to the soft flutter of falling snowflakes and the delicate sound of my hand scooping up snow, the snowscapes and the cold of the blizzard will feel even more real to you!

Capturing Snowscapes in a Blizzard!

GZ-EX515 Full HD Memory Camcorder
Super LoLux 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS sensor and the recently developed 29.3mm wide angle JVC HD Lens.
Capture low-noise, high-resolution images even in bad weather and dim settings!

(Almost identical to GZ-EX575 / GZ-EX555 / GZ-EX515 / GZ-EX510 in terms of optics*)
* Depending on region and onboard memory capacity, the model number and color will be different.


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