Shooting a Wide Range of Swan Images with a 2013 Everio GZ-EX515!

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Video 1: Capturing Swans Up Close with the 65x Dynamic Zoom!

Kawashima-cho in Saitama Prefecture is famous as a stop for migrating swans. I walked along the river and captured the swans before their return to the North.
Every year, the swans travel the approximately 4.000km from Siberia over two to four weeks, journeying in search of a warmer place to winter. The GZ-EX515’s 65x Dynamic Zoom can shoot images on par with optical zoom, and it’s capable of progressive recording as well. When you shoot in Intelligent AUTO mode, it automatically measures the white balance and intensity for you, so you can relax and focus on having fun capturing the swans’ movements. Under sunny skies – the polar opposite of the blizzard from my last post – the swans’ wings have a tendency to acquire blown-out highlights, but the GZ-EX515 reproduced them faithfully, right down to their texture.

Capturing Swans Up Close with the 65x Dynamic Zoom
In Video 1, I used the 65x Dynamic Zoom and the 29.3mm wide-angle lens to capture the swans preening and moving in a flock, naturally and vividly, without going up close.

Video 2: Capturing Swans in Progressive Mode

For Video 2, I switched into progressive mode. Progressive capturing does a beautiful job of rendering the flapping swans, and the splashing water is vividly recreated. You can also extract high-resolution stills from the video!

Extracted Stills from the Progressive Video

Extracted Stills from the Progressive Video

GZ-EX515 Full HD Memory Camcorder
Comes equipped with the high-sensitivity 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS sensor and the recently developed 29.3mm wide angle JVC HD Lens.
The 65x Dynamic Zoom and 38x optical zoom let you shoot close-ups without actually going close.
Have fun shooting high-resolution images with progressive capturing.

(Almost identical to GZ-EX575 / GZ-EX555 / GZ-EX515 / GZ-EX510 in terms of optics*)
* Depending on region and onboard memory capacity, the model number and color will be different.


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