Test Captures in 36Mbps Full HD Progressive Video with the Procision GC-PX100 / GC-P100!

Video 1: Stunning 36Mbps Full HD Progressive Video!*

Video 2: Experience the Visual Delight of 4-second Shutter Speed Time-Lapse Recording!*

For this edition, I’ll show you the video I capture using the newly released “Procision GC-PX100 / GC-P100” HD Memory Camera.
The Procision GC-PX100 / GC-P100 are capable of Full HD Progressive recording, with a maximum bit-rate of 36Mbps, so provides consumers with industry-leading high definition recording. It’s equipped with a Time Control function that gives high-speed to time-lapse recording speeds, making it JVC’s flagship model camera.
Please take a look at my two high definition test captures, one video with a number of different scenes and subjects, as well as another I shot with the 4-second shutter speed, creating a very different kind of imagery!

* Due to Internet connection or capability of equipment being used to watch the video, there are cases where the quality of the original may not be exhibited.
This video was edited (with additional text, music, etc.) using the “MediaBrowser SE for JVC” PC application supplied with the camera.

Video 1: Test capture with various scenes, including different locations, birds flying and dark scenes.
The video shows amazing depth and a lot of detail! Since the camera is equipped with JVC’s very own Bright F1.2 JVC HD GT Lens, videos featuring buildings with night lighting—as well as dimly lit rooms—are very clear and show a lot of detail. It can capture the beautiful movements of a jellyfish and each one of its tentacles moving very clearly! As it is compatible with progressive recording, extracting images of birds taking off or flowers swaying in the wind can be done with no image shake and in high definition.

36Mbps Images extracted from progressive video

Still extract from progressive_1s

Still extract from progressive_2s
Still extract from progressive_3s

Video 2: Comparison video with adjustment of shutter speed. Since you can manually set the shutter speed of the Procision GC-PX100 / GC-P100 to 4 seconds, it lets you capture even stars moving! In the latter half of this video, I set the shutter speed to 4 seconds and used time-lapse recording. The video shows a visually fantastic world of stars streaming through the video. Can you see the constellation of Orion moving in the video?

4 sec Shutter Speed image1

4 sec Shutter Speed image2

Procision GC-PX100 / GC-P100 HD Memory Camera
Loaded with 1920 x 1080 Full HD Progressive Recording, a maximum bit-rate of 36Mbps, JVC’s very own F1.2 JVC HD GT Lens, it is a camera capable of high density, high definition video recording. Also equipped with a Time Control function that allows from high-speed to time-lapse recording.

(The GC-PX100 is the Wi-Fi equipped model)

Procision GC-PX100

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