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Everio Video Hunters! The End of the Year is Finally Here. Let’s Shoot the Illuminations!

Hello everyone, this is Sakura.
It's only a few days until the end of this year. The cold weather is hitting us daily, so it seems winter is really kicking in.
The Everio Video Hunters began shooting videos for this blog in January of this year and this will be the final article for 2010. There are beautiful illuminations everywhere at this season, so I've decided to go illumination hunting! I even decorated the Everio, giving it a chic new look!

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Everio Video Hunters! Edit Videos Full of Your Summer Memories with Everio MediaBrowser™!

Today we bring you the fifth installment about the kayak tour and day camp at Lake Chuzenji. While video hunting on location at the lake, the whole crew was really enthusiastic. Had you noticed? We are all wearing matching Everio polo shirts. The matching shirts got everybody in the mood before we even set off, and we were all geared up for some video hunting.

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Everio Video Hunters! Marine Case Challenge in Lake Chuzenji! – Part 2 -

Hi there, it's Toshi.
Following on from last week, here's more about our kayak tour around Lake Chuzenji in Tochigi Prefecture. I'd like to tell you a bit more about shooting underwater with the marine case. Last week I focused on how shooting underwater can give you unusual footage, but the truth is it can be surprisingly beautiful. This week I'd like to show you some of these great images.

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Everio Video Hunters! Marine Case Challenge in Lake Chuzenji! – Part 1 -

Hi there, it's Toshi. Today I'd like to update you all on the kayak tour in Lake Chuzenji that was featured here last week. For the first time ever on 'Everio Video Hunters!', we tried out a marine case! I'd always wanted to get my hands on one, but this was the first chance I'd had to try a case for real. I've been kayaking a few times, so I'm pretty confident as far as that's concerned, but I'm a novice when it comes to marine cases... it's all pretty exciting!

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Everio Video Hunters! Shooting Sea Creatures with Everio’s Unique Features-2

Hello, it's Eri again. Continuing on from the previous week, we are challenging ourselves in shooting with Everio's unique features.
I headed off to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise's Dolphin Fantasy!
The main attraction here is the tank that enables visitors to watch the beluga whales in a 360-degree view! The belugas are often called the canaries of the sea, as their cries are much like that of a bird and they look truly adorable.

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Everio Video Hunters! Shooting Sea Creatures with Everio’s Unique Features-1

Hello, it's Eri from the Everio Video Hunters! The first two blogs about the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise were covered by Sakura. This time however, I'll be moving to the aquarium's main attractions, which are of course, the sea creatures! To start, I will be shooting our friends from the sea using a number of Everio's unique functions.

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Everio Video Hunters! Aquarium Shooting Challenge with Accessories – 2

Continuing from last week, this is Sakura, and I'm starting our journey at the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise gigantic pilchard pool.
With the aqua-tube that goes through the pool and an upstairs view, the pool provides various angles for different shooting scenes. However, the reflection on the tank's glass is something you cannot seem to avoid when shooting.

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Everio Video Hunters! Unique videos on your own – Let’s try Time-Lapse Recording – Part 3

Hello, continuing from last week, it's Eri writing this article. About a month ago, our "Boss" showed you the beautiful green of Japan's cherry trees (2010/06/04(Fri) Everio Video Hunters! Green with light and shadows). However only one month had past, Japan is now in the middle of the rainy season, known as Tsuyu. In this season, it gets hotter and more humid every day! Tsuyu is the last barrier for Japanese to achieve the bright summer sunshine.

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Everio Video Hunters! Unique videos on your own – Let’s try Time-Lapse Recording – Part 2

Hi, it's Eri again. In the last article, we introduced Time-Lapse Recording technology; how processing is done in Everio. Now we will stop talking the technological side.

We asked one of the members of the Tech team what kind of object is interesting for Time-Lapse. And we received his comment;
"Footage of the sunset of a clear day with some clouds in the sky is surprisingly beautiful. Also when it's cloudy and windy, you can get a magnificent video by just pointing the camera to the sky. It might come out as a very mysterious image like a scene in a movie. You will find interesting scenes you have not recognized in your daily life."

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