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Everio Video Hunters! Weaving the Colors of Autumn – 2 <Capturing a sense of depth with the manual focus>

This is the second round of video hunting for autumn colors in familiar areas near my home. Following on from the first part, I, Boss, will once again be taking up the challenge. Instead of traveling to faraway tourist spots and famous places to see the autumn leaves, I'm going to seek out autumn colors next to my usual walking routes.
Last week, I used the manual brightness adjustment to highlight subtle changes in autumn coloring. This time around, I'm going to concentrate on using the manual focus to bring out the depth in autumn's rich sun-kissed colors.
And once again, I'm going to have the Everio GZ-HM1 as my powerful ally on this shoot.

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Everio Video Hunters! Weaving the Colors of Autumn – 1 <Hunting down the light of autumn colors using the manual brightness control>

Just as the flowering cherry blossoms move south to north up through Japan in the springtime, red leaves spread from the north to the south in autumn.
In August, the Everio Video Hunters! team visited Lake Chuzenji in Nikko for a kayak tour. By the middle of October, the mountains in this area had already become enveloped in a reddish hue. And in the low-lying Tokyo, next to the sea, the colors of autumn had begun to show from the beginning of November.
Following on from the cherry blossoms of April and the greenery of May, I would like to show you some autumn scenes that I captured in my area.

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Everio Video Hunters! Shooting Cosmos Flowers in Autumn! The Macro Files

Hi there, it's Ayako again.
Following up on last week's article, I'd like to tell you more about my trip to Showa Kinen Park to get some footage of autumn landscapes.
Aside from Cosmos flowers, the park is full of many other beautiful flowers and plants - it's a real natural treasure trove! With so many promising subjects, you can lose track of time as you go round shooting with an Everio...
After getting up close to the Cosmos flowers, I found honeybees busily helping themselves to the nectar inside.
This week, I'm going to use the Everio to plunge deep into the world of macro shooting!

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Everio Video Hunters! Off to Shoot Autumn Cosmos Flowers!

Hello! It's Ayako.
In Japan, there is a proverb that says: "A woman's heart and autumn weather are fickle." And actually, we also say, "A man's heart and autumn weather are fickle." These expressions compare the nature of men and women to the ever-changing weather in autumn in Japan. With sudden downpours coming just as you thought the sky had cleared, shooting footage at this time of year involves a fair bit of weather-watching. Nonetheless, the autumn skies show different faces from day to day, and the autumn colors and flowers can be really beautiful.

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Everio Video Hunters! – On Vacation!! -

Hello, it's Eri. How were the Time-Lapse videos in the articles from the past few weeks? We hope you all enjoyed them and felt you'd like to try by yourselves.

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Receiving 2010 TIPA Award!

As most of our readers already know, JVC's 2010 high-end camcorder GZ-HM1 has been awarded the Best Expert Camcorder prize in the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA)'s prestigious TIPA Awards 2010. JVC is receiving TIPA for the first time in 3 years. Last time, GZ-HD7 was awarded in the same category in 2007.

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Everio Video Hunters! Checking out Everio’s new functions at a ski resort! – Part 3

The low-angle shooting was a lot of fun, but it was time to find a new slope. But we made it to the lift at the same time as a group from the ski school - suddenly there was a long line of people for the single-seater chairlift. It looked like we were just going to have to wait a while. But hey! It's another great filming opportunity!

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Everio Video Hunters! Checking out Everio’s new functions at a ski resort! – Part 2

I think I'm getting the hang of filming at the ski resort. If you film while skiing, camera shake is a real problem. You'll definitely want to use the camera shake compensation function. For this next shot I have a secret weapon: I borrowed a special mounting bracket from the engineering staff that lets me shoot with two camcorders at the same time.

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Everio Video Hunters! Checking out Everio’s new functions at a ski resort! – Part 1

Hi everyone, I went off to a daytrip skiing with my colleagues last weekend. Of course, as a member of the Everio Video Hunters, I didn't just ski! I had my Everio at hand, and so for this edition it will be me, Toshi, reporting on the Everio Video Hunters' second outing: Checking out Everio's new functions at one of the season's top spots!

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Flagship Model of 2010 – GZ-HM1

For the last three weeks, we posted the first series of Everio Video Hunters! We hope you enjoyed it. At that time GZ-HM400 was our top model in the lineup. Thanks to the 10.3M CMOS sensor, picture quality of GZ-HM400 was stunning. It was able to shoot and show all the details. GZ-HM400 was a camera who wants to shoot seriously with the pro-style operation.

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