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Everio Video Hunters! Unique videos on your own – Let’s try Time-Lapse Recording – Part 3

Hello, continuing from last week, it's Eri writing this article. About a month ago, our "Boss" showed you the beautiful green of Japan's cherry trees (2010/06/04(Fri) Everio Video Hunters! Green with light and shadows). However only one month had past, Japan is now in the middle of the rainy season, known as Tsuyu. In this season, it gets hotter and more humid every day! Tsuyu is the last barrier for Japanese to achieve the bright summer sunshine.

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Everio Video Hunters! Unique videos on your own – Let’s try Time-Lapse Recording – Part 2

Hi, it's Eri again. In the last article, we introduced Time-Lapse Recording technology; how processing is done in Everio. Now we will stop talking the technological side.

We asked one of the members of the Tech team what kind of object is interesting for Time-Lapse. And we received his comment;
"Footage of the sunset of a clear day with some clouds in the sky is surprisingly beautiful. Also when it's cloudy and windy, you can get a magnificent video by just pointing the camera to the sky. It might come out as a very mysterious image like a scene in a movie. You will find interesting scenes you have not recognized in your daily life."

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Everio Video Hunters! Unique videos on your own – Let’s try Time-Lapse Recording – Part 1

Hi everyone, it's Eri. Have you ever seen a video which looks like it's played at fast speed on TV or on the Internet? A video that can't imagine how it's recorded but something really attracts you and something magical; suddenly a flower starts blooming or a pupa becomes a butterfly. Here is an example.

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Everio Video Hunters! Taking on the Tokyo night view spot of Odaiba!

Summer is getting closer as the weather gets warmer!
I, Ayako happen to live in the Odaiba area, which is located just by Tokyo Bay. These days, I enjoy taking walks along the coast as I let the refreshing night breeze cool me off. But the biggest advantage of being an Odaiba local is that you can see the beautiful night view every evening. Since I wanted to share this beautiful view with everyone, I decided to take night view shots with the GZ-HM330 for this blog!

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Everio Video Hunters! Green with light and shadows

Hello again, 'Boss' here. I hope you are all doing well.

Can you believe it's already June? It's almost halfway through 2010. Outside, the greenery is exploding in the early summer light. And now as promised, I'm bringing you our Green Edition!

Once again, I tried out the Everio in its easy-to-use but powerful manual mode.

My partner on this outing is the new GZ-HM330. Its striking black design fits comfortably in my hand, and the device feels trustworthy despite its small size. Selecting the manual mode from the menu, I can adjust exposure compensation and focus using the laser touch, giving me smooth control when shooting.

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