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Everio Video Hunters! Shooting Cosmos Flowers in Autumn! The Macro Files

Hi there, it's Ayako again.
Following up on last week's article, I'd like to tell you more about my trip to Showa Kinen Park to get some footage of autumn landscapes.
Aside from Cosmos flowers, the park is full of many other beautiful flowers and plants - it's a real natural treasure trove! With so many promising subjects, you can lose track of time as you go round shooting with an Everio...
After getting up close to the Cosmos flowers, I found honeybees busily helping themselves to the nectar inside.
This week, I'm going to use the Everio to plunge deep into the world of macro shooting!

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Everio Video Hunters! Off to Shoot Autumn Cosmos Flowers!

Hello! It's Ayako.
In Japan, there is a proverb that says: "A woman's heart and autumn weather are fickle." And actually, we also say, "A man's heart and autumn weather are fickle." These expressions compare the nature of men and women to the ever-changing weather in autumn in Japan. With sudden downpours coming just as you thought the sky had cleared, shooting footage at this time of year involves a fair bit of weather-watching. Nonetheless, the autumn skies show different faces from day to day, and the autumn colors and flowers can be really beautiful.

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