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Everio Video Hunters! Testing the New Everios’ Zoom Function from Tokyo Tower! – Part 2

Hello, this is Ayako.
The new Everio GZ-HM650 and GZ-HM445 come equipped with an optical 40x zoom (digital 200x), the best in the industry*.
Picking up from last week, I'll test the zoom function from Tokyo Tower's Main Observatory, with its 360-degree view!

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Everio Video Hunters! Testing the New Everios’ Zoom Function from Tokyo Tower! – Part 1

Hello, this is Ayako. Has everyone seen the new Everios?
When shopping for a camcorder, I think lots of people prioritize the zoom function. Well, among the 2011 Everios, there are models that come equipped with an optical 40x zoom (digital 200x), the best in the industry*. For many people, it's probably difficult to visualize what a 40x zoom can really do. To that end, over two weeks, I'll be testing the new Everios' zoom function from Tokyo Tower's Main Observatory!

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Introduction of 2011 Everio Lineup

In some countries, JVC's 2011 Everio Lineup has hit the streets by now.
We had introduced many additional features for 2010 models through this blog but not far behind 2011 models also have cool and improved functions.

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Everio Video Hunters! Shooting Snowscapes with the New Everio!

Hello, it's Sakura.
Lately, cold snaps, heavy rain and other types of abnormal weather have been reported all over the world, and Japan is no exception. This winter, the Japanese archipelago has been visited by unusually heavy, record-setting snows.
My parents live in Fukui Prefecture. About two hours by plane from Tokyo, Fukui faces the Sea of Japan and is famous for an abundance of seafood, including the "Echizen Crab." When I went home for the holidays, lots of snow had fallen and turned the world completely silver! Since this is something you normally can't see in Tokyo, I shot some snowscapes with the GZ-HM445 from the new Everio series!

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Everio Video Hunters! Let’s Use Calligraphy to Make a New Year’s Greeting Video!

Hello, Sakura here.
Last week, we went on a "Hatsumode" shrine visit to greet the New Year, and this week we tried our hands at calligraphy! Familiar outside of Japan, calligraphy (Shodo) is a tradition from Eastern cultures. Many of you might already know about it. In Japan, we have a custom of sending New Year's Day postcards (Nengajo) to our friends and relatives. We decided to try out some 'Shodo' to make "New Year's greeting video" this time!
To capture this, we used the GZ-HM445 and GZ-HM650 models from Everio's new lineup!

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Everio Video Hunters! New Year’s Visit to the Shrine!

Happy New Year! This is Eri. How did everyone celebrate the New Year? In Japan, it is common for people to go to "Hatsumode," a tradition of visiting Shinto shrines to pray for a safe and peaceful year to come. The Everio Video Hunters! have also decided to go to Hatsumode to pray for successful activities in 2011. I went to Ohmiya Hachimangu Shrine, located in Suginami-ku, in the middle of Tokyo, with Boss and Sakura. For this visit, I carried along our new models the GZ-HM445 and GZ-HM650 with hopes for these to become a big hit this year!

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