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Everio Video Hunters! Journey on the Noto Express – Part 2

As I finished recording the Noto entering the platform, it was time to get on board. For this ride, I reserved the Ladies Car, a women's only car on the train.
The Ladies Car provides many amenities, including curtaining at the wash sinks and women-only toilets. It also doesn't let people outside of the train to see inside, so that women can feel safe and enjoy the train ride.
One hour after leaving Ueno. The lights went dim and the train fell silent. As for myself, I took a nap for a while as well.

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Everio Video Hunters! Journey on the Noto Express – Part 1

Hello and nice to meet you. My name is Sakura, from the Everio Team.
A bit out of the blue, a couple of days ago I decided to take a trip on the overnight express "Noto" train. This is about a seven-hour journey connecting Tokyo's Ueno station to Kanazawa, which faces the Sea of Japan.
The Noto is the last of the 489-type trains that have a bonnet-style front. The train had a schedule overhaul, marking the end to its regular operations.

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