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Everio Video Hunters! The End of the Year is Finally Here. Let’s Shoot the Illuminations!

Hello everyone, this is Sakura.
It's only a few days until the end of this year. The cold weather is hitting us daily, so it seems winter is really kicking in.
The Everio Video Hunters began shooting videos for this blog in January of this year and this will be the final article for 2010. There are beautiful illuminations everywhere at this season, so I've decided to go illumination hunting! I even decorated the Everio, giving it a chic new look!

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Everio Video Hunters! Capturing your riding style with a motorcycle-mounted camera

Hi there, it's Toshi again.
After publishing my piece on the in-car video shoot last time, I got a comment from one of our employees who said: "I'm actually a bike enthusiast myself, and I've taken video with the Everio mounted on my motorcycle."
This I had to see! I asked him to send me the video right away.
Since this is exactly the kind of response I hope for when I write this blog, I decided to introduce this motorcycle-mounted video into this issue.

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Everio Video Hunters! Climbing Tokyo Tower by Stairs – Part 2

We were able to reach the observatory in about 15 minutes. When you finish your climb, the "Tokyo Tower" girl at the top even presents you with a certificate to prove that you climbed it.

Maybe it's because I gradually climbed to the top, but my fear of heights wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

OK, now it was time to start shooting!

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Tokyo Tower

Everio Video Hunters! Climbing Tokyo Tower by Stairs – Part 1

As I was wondering where the Everio Video Hunters' first mission might take place, I thought to myself, "Why don't we introduce some sightseeing spots in Tokyo at the same time?" The first thing that came to mind was Tokyo Tower.

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