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The best thing would be to casually pull out the GZ-X900 and enjoy all the attention!

Q4: How would you yourself like to make best use of the GZ-X900?

I think everyone experiences times and situations when they want to save a memory of a moment that is special to them. I think that since the GZ-X900 offers the ability to capture both moving and still images in a beautiful way through a single unit, users can immediately achieve the best filming experience, whatever the situation is.

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The features packed into an extremely compact body

Q3: Please tell us about the particular points you addressed in the developing process of the GZ-X900.

In putting together the product, we paid attention to structural design to combine high resolution and high functionality together with reliable operability into an extremely compact body.
In particular, both the engineers and the designers placed a similar emphasis on the thickness of the body and gave this issue a lot of consideration.

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From high densification of circuits to real nine-megapixel still shooting

Q2: From the perspective of an engineer, how does the GZ-X900 differ from conventional video cameras?

I don't think of the GZ-X900 as a one-unit-per-household item like others in the Everio series, but rather as a one-unit-per-person tool that becomes a part of personal events in our lives. To that end, its most important aspect is its portability.
Given this, we at first worked on the densification of circuits that would form the basis of the compact design.

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The goal is developing a premium product that strikes people as “cool”

Q1: Let me first ask about the basic idea of developing GZ-X900.

The challenge of how to incorporate the features of a high-resolution digital still camera in a video camera, in other words producing the "combination of moving image picture quality and still image picture quality," was a significant theme during development of GZ-X900.

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My GZ-X900 in style

Recorded content can be shared by carrying the product at all times

Q5: How would you yourself like to make best use of the GZ-X900?
While it adheres to the concept behind the Everio series, which is that "everyone" should be able to enjoy filming "everywhere" and "at every time," I think that the GZ-X900 is a tool that allows users to enjoy filming a variety of scenes as they continuously carry it around as a piece of personal video equipment.

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Focus point in designing GZ-X900

The result of a process that spanned two and a half years from the start of design to product release

Q4: Please tell us about the particular points you addressed in the design process for the GZ-X900.
The GZ-X900 took two and a half years from the start of design to product release. In that process, we worked together with engineers to devise the structure while manufacturing and considering various prototypes.

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Biggest difference between GZ-X900 and other cameras

A product based on a new concept that can be carried around and enjoyed daily as a personal tool

Q3: From the design perspective, how does the GZ-X900 differ from conventional video cameras?
The GZ-X900 is a personal tool that an individual can carry around and enjoy on a daily basis. In other words, it has been designed more for personal use, where the user films elements of their daily life in a casual manner, rather than filming family-oriented events.

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Design Characteristics of GZ-X900

Giving preference to a sense of satisfaction that is apparent to the touch, a variety of finishes were examined

Q2: Specifically, what characteristics are found in the design of the GZ-X900?
The compact form of the GZ-X900 is the result of meeting requirements that contradict one another. We packed in all of the advanced technologies we could offer while pursuing a lighter, thinner and smaller size for improved portability.

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Design Policy of GZ-X900

Creating new harmony between user and product through design that exceeds customer expectations

"The GZ-X900 is a new, personal tool that can be carried around at all times, allowing you to enjoy various opportunities for photography," says Mr. Miyamori, the chief designer of GZ-X900. We asked Mr. Miyamori about his thoughts as a designer and as a user of this product.

Q1: Let me first ask about the concept behind the basic design of the GZ-X900.
Our design philosophy here at JVC is "Resonant Vanguard." Staying ahead of customer demands, we create new value through a design that exceeds expectations.

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