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“Spin-off” Everio Video Hunters! Enjoy Stylish Editing of PICSIO Videos with Pre-installed LoiLoScope EX Software!

Hi there, it's Sakura.
Last week, I wrote about the making of videos introducing PICSIO's pre-installed software LoiLoScope EX. These videos are featured on the PICSIO site and can tell you about the great things you can do using LoiLoScope EX with PICSIO. As I mentioned in the previous article, I had a chance to actually shoot some stylish shoes with the new PICSIO, and ended up with plenty of raw footage for editing. I could enjoy simply watching these cool shoes in Full HD, but I think we can get even more from the PICSIO experience! It's time to make a cool movie with the pre-installed editing & sharing software - LoiLoScope EX. This piece of software has a huge range of effects and artist's tools. Let's make some waves by uploading a decorative movie to a blog or share site!

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“Spin-off” Everio Video Hunters! Hunting Fashionable Shoes with New PICSIO HD Pocket Cams… On-site Report – Part 2

Hi, this is Sakura.
Continuing from last week, I'd like to show you the production design for the PICSIO LoiLoScope EX introductory video.
Location hunting is finished, and we're moving on to the serious preparation!

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